Showtime’s Al Bernstein is gracious enough to answer email questions from his loyal fans during coverage of tonight’s Jose Luis Castillo / Rolando Reyes bout. You can send your questions to or text your questions to 74699. Here’s mine.

Dear Al,

“We Have To Ask” might be the most tiresome regular feature of Deadspin — and that’s including the editor’s exhaustive coverage of any and all mentions of the site in the mainstream media.

Don’t you think it is rather gutless of this putz to pose nasty questions towards the likes of Joe Theissman, Rob Neyer, Jerry Crasnick, Skip Bayless, etc. that he doesn’t actually send to them, let alone say to their faces?

Were the chap in question to suffer a serious blow to the skull — say, from a lead pipe, baseball bat or chair, exactly how many pieces do you think his face would break into?