Michael Vick, unavailable for comment. From the French Open 2007 official site (link courtesy Josh Rosen)

Q. Weren’t you afraid that the emotional side of things would have too
much influence on that match?

JUSTINE HENIN: No, I didn’t panic. I knew I was not starting that match
well. I can tell you, I had a horrible night. My herpes came out again,
and I said to my doctor, “Well, I see everything is fine, it’s great.”

So, really, I was a bit anxious. But also, I really wanted to do well. And
very early in the match, the match turned over. And then I knew I was
going to be able to keep it up until the end.

We cannot discount the possibility, of course, that Henin is a conceptual humorist merely paying homage to an old Vitas Gerulaitis press conference.