The above, of course, refers to the totally overmatched and out of his depth editor of a fledgling sports site, who thinks there is something funny about calling Gabe Kaplan gay.

I’m sorry, but neither the ‘stache nor charter membership in a group known as The Sweathogs necessarily makes someone homosexual.

In all seriousness, ladies and gentlemen, publicly speculating about a ballplayer’s sexuality is only appropriate if he’s giving press conferences attesting to his love of women.

Or if he’s got a really huge cock.

In any event, persons who actually care about baseball (as opposed to those auditioning for VH1’s “I Love 2005”) have spent less time wondering about Gabe Kapler’s cock (OK, maybe not that much less time) and put a little more thought into whether his latest injury could in any way be related to funny creams and gels. And also pondering for a moment or two if the Red Sox goofed in sending Jay Payton to Oakland.

Though we all feel bad for Mike Hampton this morning, at least they have great public schools in Atlanta.