During the 5th inning of Atlanta’s 6-1 defeat of the Mets earlier today, Braves broadcaster Pete Van Wieren suggested the visitors’ recent clubhouse turmoil was particularly hard to cope with, given the New York market’s plethora of beat reporters, talk radio screamers and “websites”.

After a lengthy pause, colleague Skip Caray (above) weighed in.

“The bloggers are the ones that are tough. Some of ’em are pretty good. They write their opinions…others are guys that sit around the house, have a few beers and just make stuff up. Send it out on the internet as if it’s gospel.”

Caray’s been in poor health of late, and with that in mind, there’s not much sport in picking on the radio veteran. But it would be fascinating to know which blogs in particular he considers guilty of “making stuff up.” Keep in mind, neither the Los Angeles Times nor Boston Herald can technically be considered blogs.