OK, I fucked up royally. Instead of watching “The Tyra Banks Show” just on the off chance The Universe’s Most Whipped Man would make an appearance, I instead tried do running some errands earlier today. As Cal from Discharge would say, “Never again.”    True Hoop’s Henry Abbott cut & pasted the thrilling synopsis :

Do you attend sporting events, hoping to hook up with the pros? Tyra examines why so many women chase professional athletes! Is it the fame, money or their athletic body? NBA star Doug Christie and his wife, Jackie, join Tyra to discuss how she deals with the groupies, as well as their unique love and sometimes controversial devotion to each other. Plus, Tyra breaks down in tears during an emotional confession about her own past relationship with a professional athlete! Masha Lopatova (above, right), wife of NBA star Andrei Kirilenko of the Utah Jazz, shares why she lets her husband have a sexual “free pass” once a year, and three women who say they like to date athletes are insulted when they are called groupies.