(Wednesday afternoon update : Braves pitching coach / former Mets reliever Roger McDowell, accused earlier today of asking a trio of SF Giants fans, “are you a Gay threesome?”)

Depending on your point of view, attorney Gloria Allred is either a dedicated supporter of the underdog or a hopeless publicity hound. Or perhaps a little of both. Earlier today, TMZ reported Allred has called a Wednesday afternoon press conference to detail one man’s allegations an as-yet unnamed MLB coach uttered anti-gay slurs within earshot of children. Presumably at a ballpark.

Allred tells TMZ … the coach used “homophobic words and sexually suggestive vulgar behavior,” simulating sex between gay men.

Allred says the comments and gestures were directed at 3 men whom the coach apparently thought were gay.

One of the fans, who brought his 9-year-old twin girls to the game, protested to the coach … and according to Allred, the coach responded by saying, “Kids don’t f**king belong at the baseball park.”  She also claims the coach then approached the father “with threatening words and a baseball bat.”

Though I’m not sure exactly what legal action Allred has in mind, it cannot be stressed strongly enough that Larry Bowa is no longer a coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers.