To :

RE : Today’s show.

Dear Scott,

regarding your comments about Mitch Albom ; it’s fascinating to know that you have a serious gripe with print journalists inventing quotes or attributing comments to anonymous sources. But that isn’t what Albom was accused of. If Mitch’s mistake — which he’s paying dearly for — is just a wholesale excuse for you to talk about everything you dislike about print media, by all means, devote an entire program to it some day. It couldn’t be any more boring than what you have currently have on offer.

As far as your old acquaintance Mark Sabia is concerned, I think this is what most rational people would call a victimless crime. Unless you think John Franco’s time is so valuable that he’s entitled to damages after being interrogated by some Walter Mitty in a loud shirt.

Finally, I fail to see what’s so funny about Matt Doherty interviewing at Florida Atlantic. Clearly, he’s gonna have to rebuild a crummy program and rehabilitate his own public image before he’ll be considered for another top job. Well, that, and no one offered him a job at Sporting News Radio. Seriously, Scott, if you’re gonna laugh about how Matt Doherty can’t do any better than Florida Atlantic, what’s your excuse? In the yack-radio sweepstakes, one might say you’re in the Atlantic Sun Conference of broadcasting. What’s lamer, Matt Doherty being paid to coach a basketball team with a modest pedigree, or you being paid to comment on Matt Doherty being paid to coach a team with a modest pedigree?

Really, didn’t the above three segments say a lot more about frustrations with your own career than anything else?

best wishes

Gerard Cosloy
Austin, TX