(two more guys Brett Favre isn’t listening to, either)

Of his rebuff of Brad Childress’ attempted substitution in favor of Tarvaris Jackson during last night’s 26-7 loss to Carolina, Vikings QB Brett Favre called it “a heated conversation”.  How might the spurts media have treated, say, Donovan McNabb had the Iggles QB refused to leave a game? I’m gonna take a wild guess very few observers would’ve hailed McNabb’s competitive spirit.  Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel considers Favre’s insubordination, writing “when you install Brett Favre as your quarterback, you don™t get to make a second decision…you™re all in with this guy, or he™s going to defy you on the sideline, argue with you in the media and keep inviting sacks while waiting to throw balls all over the field.”

As Brett conveniently mentioned, he was sacked four times and rushed a million more. Julius Peppers(notes) all but lined up in the Vikings backfield. The offensive line was terrible.

Then again, did Brett Favre really need to mention it? When it goes bad for Tom Brady(notes), he takes the blame and defends his teammates™ talent, effort, performance. When it goes bad for Favre, he starts talking about secrets.

While Favre was rushed and pressured as he went 17-of-27 for 224 and one pick, he could™ve avoided at least a couple of those sacks. The guy holds onto the ball forever trying to make crazy plays, just one reason he™s become so easy to take down. Yes, his line was lousy, but he could™ve adjusted.

Perhaps that™s why Childress was willing to sit a man he all but begged to come out of retirement, allowed to skip training camp and watched earn MVP talk “ for Jackson, presumably, a player who™s thrown 15 passes all season.