With full apologies (from me, anyway) to Todd Soldonz, the following SB XLVIII Media Week quotes come courtesy of Newsday’s Neil Best :

“It’s like if you let the animals in a zoo all come out of their cages at the same time and videotaped it and there was one dead yak that they all had to go after to eat. That’s what Radio Row is like,” said WFAN’s Craig Carton.

Carton spoke from the relative calm of M&M’s World several blocks away, part of a deal the station struck with the candy company to originate its three most prominent shows from there all week.

In addition to the financial benefits, the hope is that whatever guests are lost to not being in the center of the action, others will appreciate the solitude. (Bonus: free M&Ms!)

“It’s good for the guests that come by; it’s a sense of normalcy,” Carton said. “They’re not being attacked by 17 or 18 radio producers. It’s special and we’re special, so we should be broadcasting from a special place.”