The Boston Globe might have lost the services of Gordon Edes recently, but all is not lost, lovers of Red Sox dirt.  With Steve Silva on the case, you’ve now got someone who can professionally transcribe whatever Curt Schilling is saying to WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan.

“We were in Tampa a couple of years back and it was the night Trot [Nixon] got hurt and we had an off day the next day and Manny was scheduled to have the day off that night, and Trot couldn’t play.

“Manny was supposed to have an off day and he was asked to fill in for Trot because we had nobody to play and he didn’t and we were in the clubhouse and it was David [Ortiz] and Manny and I and Ino [Guerrero] and the [Seth McClung] was pitching, and he was one of those guys who threw 96 miles per hour and no one could ever figure out why he wasn’t better than he was and against us he’d always go out the first three innings and look like Cy Young. Of course this night he’s looking like Cy Young, he punched out five or six guys in the first three innings and David looks at me and says ‘Why in the hell does this guy turn into Cy Young against us?’ and I said ‘Hey, it just makes Manny look that much smarter, he ain’t stupid, he knows what days to take off,’ and Manny took offense to that and … there was something that had to be broken up and the next day I saw Manny and it was as if the previous day never happened. One of the beautiful things about Manny.”

Schilling also spoke more about the trade that sent Manny to the Dodgers.

“You kind of hope it didn’t happen because it ends up being someone getting what they wanted after doing every possible thing ethically they could do wrong,” Schilling said. “I was in that clubhouse after that and the change in atmosphere was palpable and I don’t think you can put a price tag on that.” …