“Imagine Jose Reyes and Juan Pierre combining for 140 stolen bases at the top of the Mets’ batting order,” writes a delusional Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, forgetting the former’s allergy to walks and extra base hits might give any sane GM pause. Except for perhaps, Omar Minaya.

To move Pierre, the Dodgers would need to assume a large chunk of his remaining salary ” $10 million in 2009, $10 million in 2010 and $8.5 million in ’11. The Mets’ preference in left field is for a right-handed hitter, and Pierre hits from the left side. Where he ranks on the team’s list of possibilities is not known.

The Dodgers, meanwhile, are reluctant to move Pierre before knowing whether they will keep free-agent left fielder Manny Ramirez.

They also are reluctant to move Pierre because they have no idea what they will get out of Andruw Jones, who appeared in only 75 games last season due to a knee injury and batted .158.

“You can get anyone to do what Pierre does, less the stolen bases.” scoffs The Zoner. “You can also do it for about 8 million dollars cheaper. Delwyn Young could be Juan Pierre. That anyone is ‘reluctant’ to trade Juan Pierre is mind-blowing.”  That said, if such an acquistion cost the Mets the services of Luis Castillo, I might find myself warming up to Pierre.