From Michelle Caruso in today’s NY Daily News :

Former child actor Corey Feldman says Michael Jackson showed him pictures of naked men and women when he was just a kid but insists the pop king never molested him.

After defending Jackson for years, Feldman dished about the singer’s creepy choice of reading material in an interview set to air tonight on ABC News’ “20/20.” The former star of “Gremlins” and “Stand By Me,” hung out with Jackson as a teen – and even dressed like him.

When he was just 13 or 14, he says, the singer showed him a nasty book “focused on venereal diseases and genitalia” when they stopped off at his apartment on the way to Disneyland.

Jackson “sat down with me, and he explained it to me,” Feldman told interviewer Martin Bashir. “I was kind of grossed out by it.” Now 33, he says, “I have to say that if my son … went to a man’s apartment, and I knew they were sitting down together talking about this, I would probably beat his ass.”

(here are some words that rhyme with Corey : gory, story, allegory, Montesorri….)

In the overal scheme of things, this is something less than a bombshell. Had Bashir, fast establishing himself as Britain’s Geraldo Rivera, managed to book a chat with Macauly Culkin or Emmanuel Lewis, then we’d have a story worthy of headlines. Corey Feldman, however, has all the crediblity of Jose Canseco (with substantially less star power). But if defense attorneys wish to lay the foundation for an insanity defense, ABC have provided it on a silver platter ; Michael Jackson tried to seduce Corey Feldman. Case closed.