It’s a drag to see that Daniel Radosh’s noble attempts to set the record straight regarding Kazakhstan were not only copied, almost word for word by someone else, but that his illuminating findings weren’t included as part of the Kazakh Tourism Board’s propaganda campaign.

(pics of Sasha Baron Cohen are soooo 2002, so here’s Harry Reems, instead)

Though I was pleased to see that former GG Allin documentarian Todd Phillips received a screenplay co-writing credit in “Borat!: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” I must admit, there was one scene in the film that I found totally unconscionable.

The cruel exploitation of the Deadspin comments section dudes in the RV traveling to California was patently unfair. Even if they did sign release forms.

That one little complaint aside, congrats to Alan Keyes on his big screen debut. I’m sure there will be similar opportunites further down the line.