Given everything the Washington organization has experienced this week, it seems almost cruel to mock Joe Gibbs. But here goes. How does a sure-thing Hall Of Fame coach preside over consecutive time out calls, effectively turning what would’ve been a 50 yard FG attempt by Ryan Lindell with 3 seconds left….into a 36 yard try? Bills 17, Redskins 16, and Chris Webber would like to apply for a spot on Gibbs’ staff.

Even Patrick Ewing thinks Jon Kitna oughta cool it with the guarantees from here on in. Speaking of which, has Kitna done his postgame interview yet, claiming the Lions are much better than the Vikings?

Via ESPN’s Primetime Chat today, Doug Kretz was critical of Miami choosing to start Ricky Williams in last monday’s typhoon loss to Pittsburgh. “You have to wonder about playing Ricky after just a week of non-contact practice.. He wasn’t ready for live, hard hitting football.” Indeed, had Williams been available for training camp, the preseason, the prior 3 months of football….he still would’ve been incapacitated by having his back stomped on. Unless, of course, Kretz knows of a special training technique that strengthens the shoulder blade to withstand trampling.

I don’t know how much Brady Quinn is learning as understudy for Derek Anderson (10 for 22, 1 TD, 2 INTs so far today versus Arizona), but if the video supplied by Awful Announcing is anything to go by, the Notre Dame product is sorely in need of better professional advice.