Worcester Tornados play-by-play announcer Nick Gagalis has additional duties with the Can-Am League franchise including, but not limited to rolling out the tarp, and babysitting Jose Canesco (above).  If Canseco’s kept a low profile of late, no one can say Gagalis isn’t doing his best Jay Horowitz impersonation when it comes to putting a positive spin on things.  From the Worcester Telegram’s Bill Doyle :

When Gagalis traveled with the Tornadoes to Quebec earlier this month, he slept in what was supposed to be Jose Canseco’s single hotel room. The 47-year-old former major leaguer missed the long bus trip (some say purposely). Canseco’s absence saved Gagalis from having to sleep on a cot in a room with two players.

As the team’s marketing manager, Gagalis helps arrange Canseco’s various media interviews. Canseco was hitting only .194 with one home run in 20 games before the team placed him on the disabled list last week. Gagalis plans to post his call of that home run on his website,  nickgagalis.com. Canseco did not travel to Texas, but Gagalis thinks he’ll return at some point.

“No matter what happens,” Gagalis said, “we were happy to have him when we did. We hope he can come back as soon as possible. It’s just a matter of making sure that if he does come back, he gets at-bats. We don’t want to have him just sitting on the bench.”

The Tornadoes signed Canseco 11 years after he left the majors to draw fans. Some fans are disappointed when they go to games and learn that Canseco won’t play, but Gagalis insists the team has more to offer — including theme nights, giveaways and promotions.

“We’re not the Worcester Jose Cansecos,” Gagalis said. “We are an affordable, family, fun thing to do.”