Finally, a chance to use that headline. Thank you, Patty Biggio (and thanks to Soft Hands for the link).

Back in Houston, where Patty Biggio is active in local charities, news of the attack infuriated Astros fans who vented on the team’s Web blog, some citing past violence at the Cell, including a 2002 incident where a fan attacked a coach and a fan assault on an umpire in 2003.

“I hate to say it but it seems to be a theme for that stadium,” wrote one fan. Said another, “I just don’t see ANY Astros fan pulling that kind of stunt. A lot more class than that down [here].”

“White Sox fans are lower class of people,” said one blogger. “Seriously. The fact of the matter is [U.S. Cellular Field] is not a safe place to bring your family to see a ballgame.”

White Sox spokesperson Scott Reifert disputed that, describing the incident as the work of “one idiot.”

Sox manager Ozzie Guillen apologized to Craig Biggio. “I told the police, don’t put him in jail, bring him to me in the dugout,” Guillen said.