(The Sox bring their Road Rage Series to KC as Royal Miguel Olivo is “restrained” by A.J. Pierzynski)

An understandably bitter second place (fact-checked) White Sox club slipped out of first today in a 14-3 laugher that resulted in a bench clearing brawl against Kansas City. Violence has been dogging the Sox and their fans of late, in brawls at toddler birthday parties and in Minneapolis. As usual, the Sox put the victim on trial: the Royals’ Miguel Olivo, who charged the mound after a pegging by the Sox D.J. Carasco.”Olivo overreacted to the situation,” Ozzie Guillen said. “I’m not going to bring a guy in that throws 85 miles an hour to hit somebody.” Unless, of course, Guillen wanted it to look like an accident. Mr. Olivo saw it otherwise: “They come inside hard three times,” Olivo said. “That is the team that has hit me three times already. It seemed so obvious to me.” For a full account, please look here.

And in an update on the Sesame Street massacre, in which a Sox fan was beaten by two Cookie Monsters Cub fans, the White Sox organization desperately tried to shift attention from Kansas City to local Gurnee, Illinois. The Daily Herald reports that Jerry Reinsdorf and company have invited the Sox fan involved in the toddler brawl to The Cell as a guest of the team to attend the game of his choice. [A little advice, don’t pick an October date.] On hearing the news, one irate fan, Mr. Jack Taylor, posted to the Herald’s site: “What kind of idiot would do this to anyone, let alone because of his/her team affiliation? These people are animals and should be treated as such. The White Sox should give him a lifetime pass.” So far, Migiuel Olivo has expressed no interest in spending the rest of his life watching Sox games. As Reuters reports:

The Kansas City Royals eased to a 14-3 victory over the Chicago White Sox on Sunday, the loss dropping the visitors out of first place in the American League Central for the first time since May 16. The game was marred by a bench-clearing brawl in the fifth inning and a total of five ejections, with the Chicago defeat allowing the Minnesota Twins (62-49) to leapfrog them in the division after their 6-2 home win over Cleveland.
The fireworks started when Kansas City catcher Miguel Olivo was hit in the wrist by a pitch from Chicago’s D.J. Carrasco. Olivo charged the mound appeared to be preparing to punch Carrasco, a former Royals pitcher, when Chicago catcher A.J. Pierzynski grabbed him from behind.The Royals catcher responded by hitting Pierzynski in the head, with both dugouts and bullpens emptying on to the field after Olivo made his rush to the mound.Carrasco, Olivo and White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen were all ejected, after Kansas City manager Trey Hillman and Royals starter Zack Greinke were earlier tossed from the game.Olivo told reporters he was convinced the White Sox were throwing at him.”They come inside hard three times,” Olivo said. “That is the team that has hit me three times already. It seemed so obvious to me.”