(Cub legend Gabby Hartnett signs autographs for South Siders Al Capone and little Jerry Reinsdorf, one of many trying moments hosting Sox fans at Wrigley)

Guess what? Despite my early estimation of today, I do have some time to kill, and ‘GN is showing the Cubs-Sox tourney. I left home last night with the Cubs up 3-1 on the DEVIL Rays, and got to the park down the street with my son to see on my new (used) $40.00 Blackberry that the Cubs were getting blown out. Final score, 8-3 Rays. Basically, with the Cardinals hobbled, the Cubs just blew an incredible opportunity to distance themselves from St. Louis. Instead, they paced the Cards loss for loss. All the way home, I just kept thinking “Howry, Howry, fucking Howry …”. When I got home, I learned it was Eyre and Marmol. Carlos … YOU? And during Our Year?

As for the end of 1 at Wrigley, Fukodome just scored the Cubs first run. Sadly, Jermaine Dye has just hit a home run. Even worse, the Sox broadcasting team is in the booth and I just sat through a Hawk “he gone!” and their home run call. When Derrek Lee hit into a double-play Darrin Jackson said “frickin’.” I know Sox fans don’t see much sunlit baseball, but that’s a bit salty for a day game with kids around, don’t you think?