…that when he masturbates, it’s black on black crime. AOL’s self-proclaimed “most unique, important and insightful voice in the world of sports,” followed up yesterday’s hysterical condemnation of the NBA and All-Star Weekend with an astonishing piece of self-congratuation, asking “could you imagine the level of denial had my column not been written?”

The Black Ku Klux Klan shows up in full force and does its best to ruin our good time. Instead of wearing white robes and white hoods, the new KKK has now taken to wearing white Ts and calling themselves gangsta rappers, gangbangers and posse members.

We sing their racist songs, gleefully call ourselves the N-word, hype their celebrity and get upset when white people whisper concerns about our sanity.

And whenever someone publicly states that the Black KKK is terrorizing black people, black neighborhoods, black social events and glorifying a negative, self-destructive lifestyle, we deny and blame the Man.

I don’t want to do it anymore.

This must be the way Rosa Parks felt on that bus
. She was just tired of eating white racist (spit). I’m tired of eating black racist (spit).

The Fanhouse’s Marcel Mutoni attempted later today to coax some clarification out of Whitlock, who admitted that not every element of All Star Weekend smacked of self-genocide. For instance, Big Sexy dug “the Jamie Foxx concert and the Spearmint Rhino.”

Far be it for me to suggest the pervasive influence of the gaming industry, let alone a strip club, might in any way prove alluring to a criminal element. Whitlock’s got the real enemy in his sights :  White t-shirts and “gangsta rappers”.