Writes correspondent Tim Cook,

“With the winter coming, Jarrod Washburn can now get jacked for his secondary revenue stream: deer jizz!”

From the Seattle Times’ Geoff Baker.

Washburn lives in a pretty remote part of Wisconsin, a two-hour drive from any medical facility. That’s why the Mariners’ training staff plans to meet with Washburn’s wife, Kerrie, next week in Seattle to go over the pitcher’s daily offseason rehabilitation schedule.

Something else that will keep Washburn busy this winter is his fledgling business of raising deer for breeding purposes. Washburn owns 58 deer, which he raises in pens on his ample property.

Within the past year, he also invested $50,000 on a 50 percent share of a buck, nicknamed Tonto, whose value he now pegs in the $150,000 range. Tonto weighed in at 177-3/8 pounds a year ago, but has since grown larger and will be weighed again next week.

Semen from top bucks can be worth thousands of dollars depending on the animal’s quality.

Washburn knew next to nothing about the industry, or how lucrative it can be, until a friend introduced him to it. “I started reading up on it,” he said. “Obviously, now, I know a lot more than I did.”