(Birmingham’s Cameron Jerome — unconcerned with D-League trivia, but wouldn’t mind seeing a YouTube highlight of another Ovechkin goal)

a) England’s cricket team, well on their way to a 4th consecutive defeat to Australia in this year’s Ashes.

b) Washington Capitals goalies Brent Johnson and Ollie Kolzig, who combined to allow 6 Sabres goals in the space of 11 minutes.

c) the Memphis Grizzlies, currently trailing the Wizards, 95-66 in the third quarter in DC, with Gilbert Arenas having missed just 3 quality shots from the floor while tallying 31 points.

d) Queens Park Rangers, 2-1 losers at Birmingham City this morning, their 6th defeat in their last 7 matches. While the Stupor Hoops are staring relegation the face, Birmingham will enter 2007 with a comfortable lead in the Football League’s highest division.

e) anyone who is participating or witnessing the Motor City Bowl.

With all due disrespect to the above examples of futility, I’m going to look closer to home for December 26th’s saddest case. Austin’s NDBL entry, the Toros will have a hard time avoiding their 12th consecutive loss, as they currently trail the Lakers’ feeder team, the Defenders, 65-47 at intermission.. Though to be fair, from the looks of the Defenders, no one is going to be fed anytime soon.

Though the always reliable B.J. Elder has 13 points for Austin, LA’s Andre Patterson adn Aloysisus Aanagonye are having a particularly easy time in the paint, while Brian Chase’s shooting touch might not be nearly so hot if a few of his attempts were actually contested.

Brad Buckman’s not removed his warmup top. And that’s not because it’s chilly in here.

I’m not sure what training room facilities they have at the Convention Center, but former Dookie Jay Williams has been rubbing a balm of undetermined orgin all over his thighs while occupying a seat behind the Toros’ bench. Supply your own Jackie Childs joke : Williams has connected for one 3-pointer in a little less than 10 minutes of play.

As usual, I’m surrounded by empty seats. Hat’s off to the D-League’s scheduling genius that decided it would be a great idea for a team in a college town to play 4 home games between December 23rd and 30th. Though the 3rd game of said homestand on Thursday is going head-to-head with a Longhorns home game, Saturday’s clash with Idaho will afford CSTB’s local readership a rare opportunity to reconnect with Peter John Ramos.