While Derrick Coleman has previously denied financial difficulties prompted his highly publicized estate sale, the Detroit News‘ Marge-In-Charge-Colborn investigate some of the finery on offer.

“This is high-end furniture and accessories in excellent condition,” Coleman’s interior designer Mark Morganroth promises. “The contemporary Brueton console is made from ribbon mahogany with a black granite pedestal and stainless steel sphere. It sells for $19,875 and is still in the Brueton collection. We’ll be selling for $4,965.”

Other noteworthy pieces include a cream-colored Ultrasuede sectional with black Ultrasuede trim by Preview, which originally retailed for about $20,000 and will be sold for $5,000; and a Maitland-Smith four-poster, black pewter wrought iron, king-size bed with large brass ball feet, which originally cost more than $10,000 and will be sold for $2,500.

Morganroth emphasizes his client is doing well, and he is not selling his furniture because he’s experiencing financial problems.

“Derrick has quietly been helping Detroit’s inner city children in recent years,” he says. “He recently helped build a Tim Horton’s in the inner city.”

Although Coleman considered selling his furniture to charity, he realized those in need probably do not need or want such impressive furnishings.

“Derrick wants the furniture to go to someone who will enjoy and appreciate it and get a great value for the price,” says Morganroth.