There’s a fellow on the satellite radio — I’m having trouble remembering his name, I think it rhymes with “Screamo” — who routinely suggests “player-safety” is some sort of code for the sissification of the once-glorious NFL, and attempts to litigate over alleged brain damage amount to little more than a carefully orchestrated shakedown.

Never mind that the gentleman in question makes a living (albeit a modest one) commenting on and chronicling the exploits of more impressive physical specimens than himself. Ironically, this is same chat show host who claims he’s never seen dude-on-dude pornography. And why would he? For one thing, it’s way less exploitative than professional or collegiate football. For another, he’s not being paid to whack off over it.

Oh, and then there’s Pete Prisco. Lucky for him, he’s no longer an NFL beat reporter, otherwise he might have to explain to the human beings he covers that at the end of the day, he considers them to be little more than male hustlers or cannon fodder.