Raptors 120, Nets 109

(maybe the person who made the last one doesn’t keep up with the rumor mill?)

Behind 32 points from Paul Pierce, the Celtics ended a 17 game losing streak with tonight’s 117-97 defeat of the Bucks.  Gerald Green scored 21 off the bench, but more importantly for those who love trash sports challenges (World’s Stodgiest Man, NHL Skills Competition, etc.), he’s been training dilligently for this weekend’s Slam Dunk Contest.

The Nuggets’ Jamal Simpson (above) tells the Denver Post’s Robert Sanchez that he’d rather pose as a banker than win over a girl with his hoops notoriety, to which the Fanhouse’s Marcel Mutoni replies, “I was in the League, I don’t think finding The One would be very high on my to do list. I’d probably have a ‘Groupies Only’ sign on my hotel room door or something.”  Who said romance is dead in the world of blogging?

Over at Bench Renaldo, Marcel tries to link to some vintage Knicks music video goings on, but I’m pretty sure this was really the clip he had in mind.