Last seen in this space pleading for free tickets,Freddie ‘Sez’, a Bronx fixture almost as annoying as Rudolph Giuliani, has passed away at the age of 82.  From the New York Daily News’ Bill Price.

At almost every Yankee game, Freddy could be seen outside Yankee Stadium with his daily message for the Yanks and a frying pan he banged like a drum. He also let other fans bang it as well.

He became such an institution that his lucky frying pan and spoon, thanks to Frantz, were put into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Yogi Berra museum in 2004.

“He was a very close friend of mine,” said Frantz. “It took me by surprise.”

Freddy was also a big fan of the Manhattan and Fordham sports programs.

I think I speak on behalf of many New York sports fans in hoping the Yankees do right by Freddy’s memory and erect a 200-foot wide memorial plaque to hang over the flimsy George Steinbrenner tribute currently displayed in the Nu Stadium’s Monument Park.