“I™m like a big bear with baby cubs I guess,” professed Fish skipper Ferdi Gonzalez when speaking with the Sun-Sentinel’s Juan C. Rodriguez earlier today before his club took on the Red Sox at Fenway.  Gonzalez was referring to an incident Sunday afternoon in Toronto that Rodriguez describes thusly — but I still have no idea what this has to do with baby cubs (unless Gonzalez meant he disliked being called a delinquent Papa Bear) (link swiped from Baseball Think Factory)

The usually jovial Fredi Gonzalez erupted at reporters when told superstar Hanley Ramirez was disappointed the Marlins didn™t respond after he was hit by a pitch with a runner on third and two outs in sixth. His team leading 8-3, Ramirez took a Dirk Hayhurst fastball off the left elbow.

Ramirez had no doubt it was on purpose.

œEverybody knows, Ramirez said, to a group of reporters at his locker. œI think Fredi knows it. [Josh Johnson] knows it. [Hayhurst] was throwing strikes.

Approached again and asked if the team has to defend him in that situation, Ramirez cemented his point in Spanish, saying: œYou know, incredible. There™s going to come a point where I™m not going to feel protected. I™m going to be scared to hit a home run because I know I™m going to get hit.

Ramirez added the team was œobligated to retaliate. Hayhurst also hit Jeremy Hermida two innings earlier.

Informed about Ramirez™s comments, Gonzalez initially said, œI don™t want to get into that to be honest with you.

A few minutes later, after Gonzalez met privately with Ramirez, he emerged on a rampage. He asked to listen to Ramirez™s taped comments. Before they could be cued up, Gonzalez threw out two reporters from the clubhouse, accusing them of trying to stir stuff up.

Keep in mind, this incident comes on the heels of Ramirez (1 for 3 tonight with the Marlins trailing Boston, 8-2 in the 9th) being told his team president doesn’t consider him to be the face of the franchise, and shortly after being told to get a haircut.