The New York Daily News’ Howie Kussay reports a Dane, WI golf course is getting heat for the above 9/11 promotion ; would you have preferred they marked the anniversary by raising prices?

After receiving a slew of negative comments on their Facebook page for their insensitivity – “The anniversary is a somber one not a reason to offer cheap gold promotions,” wrote Kimberly Pearce Stapleton – the course attempted to rectify the situation with this message:

“We would first like to apologize to everyone that we have upset or feels we have disrespected in anyway. By no means did we mean to do this. Here is what we will do this Wednesday 9-11; we will still let all that have tee times booked play for the previous rates we posted. Then for all other golf that day we would like to donate the $ difference between our normal rate and the previous price for the day to the 9/11 Memorial. We hope that everyone will now see this as a positive as we really meant it to be. Again we do sincerely apologize for offending anyone.”

I don’t know, that’s a lot of basic math to absorb when I’m trying to manufacture outrage.