What a life. After signing his four-year, $8 million deal with Disney-owned ESPN, Washington Post columnist Michael Wilbon valiantly offered to resign from the paper. But according to a story at Washingtonian.com, Wilbon will remain with the paper, but his columns will be fewer, and we’ll see more of him on washingtonpost.com.

Says Wilbon: œI might write columns for the Web. I might have a blog. I might do something with Tony (Kornheiser) on the Web. I™ll do whatever (Post chairman) Don Graham and (executive editor) Len Downie want me to do. ESPN did not create the Wilbon-and-Kornheiser brand. The Post did.

Yeah, see? The Post made him sign that $8 million deal with the devil. It’s a shame Wilbon allowed himself to be pushed into a life of TV face time and riches when a dying newspaper industry was there for the taking. Look, don’t feel bad for him. He’ll survive.

œI™m still a sportswriter on TV. That™s my calling.

Now there’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one.