In a story related to the one prior, Etch-A-Sketch has won broadcast rights to the inner workings of Will Leitch’s brain. That Etch-A-Sketch is not in fact, a broadcast outlet, is of little consequence because there’s precious little to show anyway. Here are some more gems from Gawker Media’s resident xenophobe :

“Man U. ends Chelsea’s 40 match unbeaten streak, which probably doesn’t mean much to you unless you like warm beer.”

Translation : the thrilling world of top-flight soccer is of far less interest to this shithead’s readers than frequent updates on Busch Stadium’s demolition, a subject that the NYC media elite, if not every sports fan in the USA, must be totally obsessed with.

“England™s The Star newspaper is encouraging readers to enter a contest that allows them to booze it up with Iron Mike (Tyson). The possibilities are endless. A œMonster Mash karaoke contest? Will you guys go to pick up British girls (the only people with worse teeth than Tyson, we might add).”

I’ve picked up a couple of British girls in my time. I apologize for being crude, but their mouths compared pretty favorably to Will’s.