The Sultan Of Surly was walked 3 times by the Mets last night (twice intentionally), and the urine-stained hands of Moises Alou (above, 1 HR, 5 RBI’s) took full advantage. Despite, as the Daily News’ John Harper points out, hitting a mere .222 with two RBI’s in the 3rd or 4th spot in the SF batting order, Barry Bonds is still “being treated like royalty.”

Condemnation of Willie Randolph today seems almost unanimous. Especially if you’re only reading a half dozen blogs.

“the respect afforded (Bonds) by Willie was almost absurd.” Jaap, Archie Bunker’s Army

“Pitch to him (Bonds) and make him beat you because in the first at bat, if he beats you, then your down one, maybe 2-0. instead alou raps one out and it’s 3-zip, just like that.”Jason Mollica, Metsblog

I can™t kill Glavine here, he has been great-I can kill Willie Ran-DOOF for making Glavine walking Bonds, yes he is Barry Bonds, but he is not the juicing, looming fear-instilling Bonds of a few years ago.Shari Forst, Take The 7 Train

Walking Bonds in an 0-0 game with one guy on base while he is not exactly knocking the cover off the ball makes no sense on so many levels…the season is not even 20 games old and Bonds is being pitched to like the division is on the line in game 160.
The Metropolitans

I don’t think you can kill Randolph for issuing walks to perhaps the greatest hitter of all-time in both situations, especially when Bonds has owned Glavine over the years (995 career OPS). But when will managers realize Bonds isn’t the same Bonds of years past?Ryan McConnell, Always Amazin’

Moises Alou’s checklist:
Pee on hands.
Pee on Mets.

Irony of ironies, Alou’s chances were set up in part by Mets pitchers intentionally walking a .222 hitter twice, the first coming with two outs and a runner on first to bring up Urine Man. – Metstradamus