Sadly, we’ve got something to mull over this Monday morning besides the Mets taking 2 of 3 from the Braves (besides Francisco Rodriguez’ recent ineffectiveness, that is). Last night’s nationally televised contest at Citi Field featured the proprietor of Mets t-shirt co. The offering a one-man protest against rumors SS Jose Reyes-is-a-goner. After being agreeing to cease displaying the offending sign, here’s his version of what happened afterwards ;

I decided to leave the section on my own and walk back to my original spot. I agreed that I wouldn’t show the sign anymore. They didn’t kick me out right off the bat. I folded up my sign and while walking out (while fans booed of course.. they wanted me there) and people around asked how to contact me. I gave out about 10 business cards and that is what set off security even more. That is now soliciting I guess.

The guard asked to see my ticket. I did in fact have one for that section. He then confiscated the ticket and asked me to leave on my own or leave in cuffs. I asked on what charge and he said “now you are trespassing, you don’t have a ticket”. Real classy.

This is the kind of pseudo-stormtrooper bullshit we’ve come to expect from James Dolan, not from Fred Wilpon, who surely must understand that impassioned fans like this aren’t a problem in cities where the baseball teams are considered totally irrelevant. Is there something slightly amiss about the Reyes sign being used to promote a commercial entity? Well, yeah, obviously the Mets aren’t gonna look kindly upon free advertising time for every would-be crusader’s non-licensed concern. But where would someone get the idea that every single type of public expression comes with an advertising component if not at an MLB ballpark? The crass commercialization of all aspects of baseball…that’s the Mets’ turf. Tread on it even slightly, and you’ll find yourself beating the bricks (ie. the same ones Fred Wilpon charges a substantial fee for you to put your name on)