After all, he just made a 350 pound man go away for good. The Sun-Sentinel’s Ira Winderman calls Heat chief Pat Riley “a genius” for dumping Shaq on the Suns.

He made Brian Grant’s contract disappear, when it appeared an impossible dream.

He made Eddie Jones’ money vanish, when that appeared unfathomable.

He unloaded Antoine Walker the day after an NBA scout said no one could unload Walker.

At this rate, Smush Parker had better get those bags packed.

Say what you want about Pat Riley handling two high-end jobs. But in his role as Heat president, he has made more money disappear than Enron.

Suddenly, $50 million for 2 1/2 seasons of Shaquille O’Neal seems like market value, a contract fitting of the championship productivity delivered.

Riley is like that annoying uncle who, when you’re eight, rips up that dollar bill and makes the pieces vanish into thin air. Does anybody in the NBA make money disappear better?

An awesome first comment follows Winderman’s blog entry : “We’ll only have a payroll of 36 mil if this goes through! Plus our lottery pick, omg my boner wont subside.”

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