Days Since White Sox Last Took The Field:
Inches Of Rainfall In Chicago During Break:  10.4
Ark Manifest (Per Species): 2
Number Of Doubleheaders In Past Week: 2
White Sox Lead In AL Central (games): 1.5
Years On Steve Stone’s New Sox TV Contract: 6
Ken Harrelson’s Age When Stone’s Contract Expires: 73
Remaining Games Against Blue Jays: 0
White Sox Magic Number: 13
Games Remaining In Season: 13
Percentage Of Magic In Above Number: 0
Doubleheader Sweeps Of Tigers 2008 : 1
Average Runs Per Game Production From Quentin/Konerko On DL: 1.2
Record Since Both On DL: 3-1
Average Run Differential Since Both On DL: 2.75
Ken Griffey, Jr. Career Doubles: 500
Javier Vazquez Career Strikeouts: 2000
Jim Thome Career Home Runs: 539
Bombs Given Up By Bobby Jenks To Magglio Ordonez In First Game: 1
Bombs Given Up By Bobby Jenks 2008: 3
Number Of Shrimp Bobby Jenks Can Place In Mouth At Once: 7
Earned Runs Given Up In Second Game By Kenny Rogers By 5th: 5
Rogers Pickoff Throws At Alexei Ramirez On First: 8
Outs Resulting: 0
Shutout Innings By Chisox LHP John Danks: 6
Number Of Pitches Thrown By Octavio Dotel To Marcus Thames: 1
8th Inning Game-Tying Grand Slams By Marcus Thames: 1
Batting Average, Marcus Thames: .240
Minimum Number Of Shutouts Blown By Chisox Bullpen (2008): 3
Times Dewayne Wise Has Faced Kyle Farnsworth, 2008: 2
Grand Slams Given Up By Kyle Farnsworth To Dewayne Wise: 1
Number Of Grand Slams (8th Inning): 2
Number Of Games On Upcoming White Sox Road Trip: 10
Games Scheduled In Carpeted Plastic Bubble: 3
Number of Hands Anxiously Cradling Face And Head : 2