The complex psyche of Gilbert Arenas has been under the microscope of the Washington Post’s Mike Wise via a two-part series that began yesterday. Wizznutzz’ Darvin Ham describes Mr. Wise’s Opus as “maybe just the greatest sports writing ever written. ” Of course, the former has no shortage of truth to impart, both on Arenas’ unique background, and “Freuds Psychosexual Stages Of Development (aka Agent Zero & The Plain Brown Wrapper).”

When Bill Walton says its important “to get your teammates involved” thats the genital stage. In fact Bill Walton is such a supporter of the genital Stage that he got that loving nickname “Dickface”

As luck would have it, this exhaustive entry was published on the very weekend I invited Wizznutzz to take part in CSTB’s 3rd Annual Fantasy Basketball Tournament. Luckily for the rest of the league, Darvin and Dana Ham have respectfully declined.

We are so flattered by your invite to FANTASY!!!

Last time we did roleplaying it involved Rod Strickland in a TGIFridays parking lot and Dana ended up with bruises all up her backside.

Also, Ledell Eackles was a first round draft choice!!!!

We can’t afford to pay for fantasy (except on K Street where hookers are cheap), but if you start a FREE lEAGue, please add us to your friends!! we love free fantasies!! In fact, intern Ken is acting one out right now where he plays the King of Prussia as a nude sado-masochist with a half-smoke fetish.