It would appear as though the powers that be at Bristol University are eager to put Michael Irvin’s latest public embarrassment behind them with as little fanfare as possible. And with the possible exception of Rush Limbaugh, the person who should take the greatest offense at the network’s inaction…is Dan Patrick (above).

The speed with which ESPN sought to disassociate itself from Limbaugh following the hate fucker’s ill-advised remarks regarding Donovan McNabb left no doubt the Disney subsidiary knew what was at stake. Their NFL pregame show was under tremendous scrutiny and a perceived cavalier ‘tude towards Limbaugh’s controversial statements would’ve been seen as the height of corporate irresponsibility.

Conversely, a moroic, unfunny joke from Michael Irvin on a radio show so unpopular, it took the blogosphere to bring this story to national attention (take a bow, Pro Football Talk and The Big Lead) was probably the sort of thing the network figured no one of consequence would notice.

I’m sure Dan Patrick will accept an apology in writing.