(Fred, patiently waiting for the Mets season game to end and the latest episode of “Loudmouths” to begin)

Days after describing Tim Redding as “a homeless man’s Rick Reed” (ouch), Tim Marchman uses an anonymous source’s description of the Mets’ new offices to amplify another party’s implication that the Wilpons aren’t particularly romantic when it comes to their own team’s history.

I haven’t seen the new offices, for instance, but I understand that rather than what you might expect”a World Series trophy, a Tom Seaver jersey, life-sized prints of an ebullient Jose Reyes”they’re decorated with blueprints of the Fed. Which is fine enough, but conveys a certain ill ease that the Wilpon family has always betrayed, a nostalgia for a dead team and a disdain for the live one.

Marchman’s accusations are a slight public relatons speed bump for the money-printing enterprise that is Citi Field’s first season, though just to be certain, the club might want to employ Edgardo Alfonso, most recently seen toiling for Los Navegantes del Magallanes of the Venezuelan league. Fonzie could double as a greeter / 2B backup to fan favorite Luis Castillo, and he doesn’t even need to purchase new property in the area.