“Most likely,” says the former Phillies 3B and Hall Of Famer Michael Jack Schmidt, who suggests “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” where Alex Rodriguez is concerned.   And while it’s nice to see Cole Hamels isn’t the only quote machine working overtime in Clearwater this February, there’s something slightly disingenuous about saying the public should be more concerned with “someone fighting in Iraq” or “Barack Obama”.  A-Rod’s celebrity, if not his enormous earning power, was built on the back of individual accomplishments that might’ve been tougher to achieve without the benefit of performance enchancing drugs.  If Schmidt isn’t personally offended by Rodriguez’ deeds or inability to tell the truth, that’s fair enough — a less than hysterical reaction to the subject is admirable.  But if we’re really supposed to live in a culture where no one has strong feelings about the exploits of professional athletes, guys like Schmidt will have to earn a living wearing something besides pyjamas in public.