From the New York Post’s Patrick Gallahue and Ilan Kayatsky

Disgusted Brooklyn residents were up in arms over a video game that turns the horrifying events of 9/11 into child’s play.

A hand-held video holy war, called “Laden vs. USA,” features digital planes flying into the World Trade Center.

One furious family found it on sale for $4.89 on Coney Island Avenue.

“I was mad,” said 16-year-old Tasha, who discovered the game in a store around the corner from her Midwood home. “I felt extremely offended.”

The game’s box features pictures of President Bush and Osama bin Laden, along with 9/11 imagery, including firefighters lining up for the tragic rescue at the Twin Towers.

Worse still, the insulting game is recommended for “ages 5 and up.”

“People send their kids to the store,” said a local mother of two, named Jeri. “Who knows what they’ll come back with?

Sadly, the Post doesn’t actually review the game nor report whether or not it provides as much entertainment as the recently re-released Coleco Electronic Football , a ’70’s handheld device of such enduring quality that even Bin Laden himself would be hard pressed to resist its charms.