(apparently, delusions of grandeur are nothing new in the Sexton household)

From ESPN’s Ivan Maisel.

Suspended Florida State quarterback Wyatt Sexton was taken to a Tallahassee hospital on Monday evening by local police after causing a disturbance in the street, then identifying himself to police as “God” and the “son of God.”

According to the Tallahassee Police Department report, when a police officer responded to a call regarding unusual behavior on Monday evening, the officer found Sexton lying face down in the middle of the street.

Sexton, friends told the officer, had attended the rock festival in Tennessee that featured the Dave Matthews Band and returned to town Monday.

Witnesses told police that Sexton had been making strange gestures, and at one point jumped onto a car. When asked to identify himself, Sexton “yelled that he was ‘God,’ ” the report said, and acted in a manner irrational enough that the officer pepper-sprayed him.

Only when police put him in a patrol vehicle did Sexton identify himself by name. As police transported him to the hospital, and upon arrival, he reverted to identifying himself as “God” or the “son of God.”

Tallahassee police spokesman John T. Newland said Tuesday that common procedure in such cases is that the person in custody is taken to a psychiatric facility. He did not know if that had been the case for Sexton.