I’ve fucking had it.

It’s been yet another afternoon of XM’s Kevin Kennedy and Rob Dibble expressing their anguish over players who “don’t respect the game” and droning on incessently about how much they miss “being with the guys” and how privileged they were to wear the uniform, etc.

Clearly, it is nothing short of CRIMINAL that these fine men — both in the prime of their lives — are bannished from professional baseball. Kennedy, despite failing with Texas and Boston, is most deserving of another opportunity managing —perhaps for a community college side. Dibble, though light years removed from his Nasty Boys glory, could surely lend a helping hand pitching mop-up for one of the teams in the Can-Am League.

Even the most casual listener of Dibs & K-Squared can tell that they love baseball so much, they’d do anything to stay in the game, even if it meant forsaking their cushy radio & TV gigs. And getting both of these rocket scientists back into uniform would also spare them the weird, conflicted feelings that must result from trying to be credible members of the working media while openly fantasizing about their playing/managing days.

So if you’re involved with a baseball team — any sort of team, Babe Ruth League, AAU, Senior Citizen’s fast-pitch, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, etc., by all means, get in touch with CSTB and we’ll forward the lucrative offers to Rob & Kevin’s representatives. Baseball cannot survive without the pair of them….and radio isn’t gonna survive with them.