(that’s a pretty big smile for a guy who has already left his new coach looking kinda dopey)

Upon being informed by a Cavs beat reporter that Yahoo Sports’ Kelly Dwyer picked Cleveland to win no more than 12 games in 2011-12, head coach Byron Scott replied, “I look at it as kind of a joke. He™s out of his mind. On Monday, Dwyer returned fire, snapping, “I like my veer from the realm of the sane far better than the one that is wasting an entire fan base’s year, telling it that things aren’t that bad, that they just have to stay the course.”

Because I much prefer being out of my mind in predicting a 12-70 season for Cleveland as I am the sort of “out of his mind” that allows for a singular player’s entourage to essentially run an NBA franchise for a half-decade. The sort of “out of his mind” that sees that player off to another team as he reacts to a half-decade of poor personnel decisions, and follows that news up with a ridiculous letter promising to win a championship before a team featuring LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, or Chris Bosh ever will.

I like this “out of his mind” a lot better than the one that tells himself, “hmm, I just promised my team would win a championship before LeBron James ever does, and LeBron James now plays on a team with two players that led their positions in PER last season, how shall I follow through on that boast? I know! I’ll trade for Ramon Sessions), and do absolutely nothing else!”