Kevin Garnett has long established a rep for physical play, trash talk and a tendency to get in the faces of players who don’t represent much of a challenge. But enough about making Glen Davis cry, after a Tuesday encounter with Detroit, KG allegedly crossed a line that Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski won’t soon forget.

œK.G. called me a cancer patient, Pistons F Charlie Villanueva tweeted on Wednesday morning. œ¦K.G. talks a lot of crap. He™s [probably] never been in a fight. I would love to get in a ring with him. I will expose him.

Yahoo! Sports sought a response from the Celtics on the charge, but the organization hasn™t responded.

So much is said on the floor, but this hits people in a different way. Cancer victim? Villanueva has a condition called alopecia universalis, which results in hair loss. Villanueva™s always taken the time to meet and talk with kids who share the condition, and has listened to their stories of getting teased with those kinds of cutting words. Garnett is too old for this, too smart.

Nevertheless, it™s stained his legacy. This one promises to chase him into retirement. Beyond that of an MVP and an NBA champion, Garnett has gone to inexplicable lengths to craft a parallel legacy: a vicious bully, a cold and cruel jerk.