From the East Valley Tribune’s Jack Magruder “And Loud” :

The New York Yankees have shown off-and-on interest in acquiring Diamondbacks right fielder Shawn Green, according to industry sources, although at this point a deal seems highly improbable.

Green (above), one of the D-Backs™ most consistent hitters, has a clause that requires his permission to be traded to a team other than the Angels, Padres or Giants.

œDuring the course of every day, we probably talk to five clubs and discuss players and scenarios,™™ D-Backs general manager Josh Byrnes said. œMost are left on the cutting room floor.™™

The Detroit News’ Rob Parker credits Jim Leyland for the Tigers’ amazing turnaround, but claims the manager resting I-Rod, Mags and Placido Polanco in yesterday’s 9-6 loss to the Royals, “cost his team a victory”.

The difference might seem small right now, but it’s huge if you want to play in the postseason. You simply never want to give up a game. And that’s what the Tigers did. Instead of sticking the knife in, turning it and drawing blood, the Tigers gave the Royals a bandage, water and a couple of aspirin.

The Royals (32-59) aren’t just awful. In fact, they’re a sick franchise — not worth the price of admission because on most days they can’t honestly compete. Coming into the game, the Tigers had beaten them 11 straight times this season, including the first two games of this four-game series after the Tigers had trailed 4-0 in each game.

For sure, you’re never going to please everyone. And resting players sounds like a good idea. But it didn’t make sense this time. The Tigers are off today, and most of them had three days off earlier in the week for the All-Star break. The Royals came to Detroit to give the Tigers four games. Leyland and the Tigers played like they only wanted three.