Red Sox 5, Yankees 3

Shortly after confirming that Hideki Matsui (above) had badly injured his left wrist attempting to catch a shallow fly ball by Boston’s Mark Loretta, Suzyn Waldman assured traumatized listners that “Brian Cashman is probably on the phone or the computer right now…and other clubs are probably calling him, offering their outfielders for some terrific young talent.”

“He won’t fall for it!” insisted John Sterling.

“No, Brian Cashman won’t panic. The Yankees do not panic.” agreed Waldman. There might’ve even been a game going on at the time. I’m not really sure.

Less than two hours later, Karl Ravech was asking Buster Olney when or if the Yankees would inquire after Ken Griffey Jr.

Aside from the Reds having pennant aspirations of their own, I’m just grateful I’ve yet to hear Alfonso Soriano’s name come up. Then again, I haven’t checked out WFAN this evening.

The Journal News’ Peter Abrams suggests Kevin Thompson will be summoned from Columbus.

It’s sort of entertaining to see the way a loss to the Red Sox is taken with good humor and the proper perspective by certain parties :

It’s going to take an edict from The Boss himself to banish Tanyon forever to the Abyss. Mr. Steinbrenner, sir, it is my sincere and humble request to you, as a lifelong Yankee fan, please please please force your subordinates to rid us of this plague on our house. Tanyon Sturtze MUST GO!!!Canyon Of Heroes

I can’t believe Hideki’s hurt. Fractured wrist, surgery tomorrow, and out indefinitely. Sketchy approximates say 3 months. 3 months?! Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I Live For This

How the heck are we two games back of Toronto when we were in first place 2 days ago?Pinstripe Alley

Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, or maybe it’s just because I have respect for Hideki Matsui in general (more than for, say, Giambi, although that’s not difficult), but I felt physically ill after watching the multiple slow-mo replays of Matsui’s left arm SNAPPING in left field. After the initial stomach-turning fracture, an even more traumatic image followed for those of us watching at home: Matsui’s glove hand dangling loose from his mangled limb as he felt around for the ball and threw it weakly back to the infield.

Undoubtedly the most horrific injury I’ve ever seen as it happened on a baseball field (only because I wasn’t watching live when the Mets’ Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron had their grisly collision last year) Sox & Pats Forever

The Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy reported earlier today that Boston GM Theo Epstein is working without a signed agreement. Of course, there’s so much mutual camraderie and respect amongst the heavy hitters on Yawkey Way, there’s no reason for anyone to think twice it.

Recommended reading : Alex Belth’s interview with Joel Sherman.