(Pioneers in square eye wear: Harry Caray and Jack Brickhouse,
the Cubs’ two big winners in 60 years of WGN baseball)

“It was the perfect storm,” Vorwald said. “The rise of the superstation, the team winning [the division] in 1984 and then Harry becoming this icon changed everything. Harry totally took it to the next step about this idea of wanting to be at Wrigley Field. The bases would be loaded, the fans are yelling and Harry would say, ‘Don’t you wish you were here?’ ”

Of course, the bases were usually loaded with Reds and Dodgers in my childhood, but that’s beside the point. While I personally feel CSTB has fallen far short of its goal to be the leading Cubs blog on the Internet, my thanks to Gerard for sending along this item by Ed Sherman of the Chicago Tribune. I give Cubs owner Phillip K. Wrigley credit for two plusses in my childhood, every Cub game free on WGN and, of course, the Doublemint Twins.

For all that’s said about Bill Veeck and crazy marketing, Wrigley managed one simple idea “ giving every game away free “ into a moneymaking machine that never fielded a pennant winner much less a World Series Champ, yet remains one of the iconic brands in baseball today. How much money has George Steinbrenner blown to do the same? There’s a reason Chicago built statues of Caray and Brickhouse, and no Cub player.