While Da Bulls’ recent search for a 12th man has included such hoops legends as Andrew DeClerq, Darvin Ham and no-show Shawn Kemp, the Daily Herald’s Mike McCraw reports that Antonio Davis has told the club he won’t be playing in the NBA this autumn.

Presumably, tending to Kendra’s needs is a full-time concern.

Slam Online named Stephon Marbury the 39th best player in the NBA. I’ve not seen the other 38, but there’s no way none of them are point guards. Basketbawful is unimpressed with the ranking.

It’s like naming Frankenberry the 39th best cereal on the market. Yeah, I know Stephon can go off for 20 points and 10 assists on any given night, but he’s also good for at least 50 losses a season. Hasn’t anyone noticed that teams get demonstrably worse when “Starbury” arrives, or that they get remarkably better as soon as he leaves? Stats are meaningless without W’s to go along with them, and Marbury has a long and storied history of losing.

What makes it even worse is that Stephon is listed above Mike Bibby, Josh Howard, and Antawn Jamison…three guys who give you numbers without the locker room cancer. And all the money they save on chemotherapy could go toward getting their wives boob jobs. Sweet!

Ben Maller reports that Patrick Ewing, speaking on MSG’s Boomer Esiason Show, wishes he’d retired as a Knick. I realize that Maller tirelessly hunts for such tidbits (and if pulling him off the radio would allow more time for such pursits, I’m all for it), but every now and then, I have to question Ben’s credibility. I don’t know which is harder to believe, that Boomer Esiason still has a show on MSG, or that Maller found a single person that viewed it recently.