From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Mark Craig :

God, apparently, is an Iggles fan.

That’s the view of Philadelphia Eagles receiver Terrell Owens, who said during Tuesday’s Super Bowl XXXIX media day that God has decided Owens definitely will play on Sunday.

For the record, Dr. Mark Myerson, who performed surgery on Owens’ broken left ankle 6½ weeks ago, has not cleared Owens to play.

“I respect Dr. Myerson and his decision to not medically clear me,” Owens said. “But prior to going down to see him for that last visit, I can honestly say God had already cleared me. It really doesn’t matter what a doctor says. I’ve got the best doctor of all, and that’s God.”

Some would have you believe that T.O.’s healing claim is the height of arrogance, but if No. 81 wants to credit superior medical science and his own recouperative powers on God having his back, so be it. But let’s imagine for a second that Terrell was a practicing Satanist. Were Ownens to flash his toothy grin at the cameras and guarantee his participation next Sunday because he’s made a pact with the Devil, how tolerant do you think the media and public would be?

(if anything, I’m betting that Anton’s a Raiders fan)