Earlier this afternoon, Texas QB Vince Young announced that he’ll forego his senior year of eligibility and shall enter the NFL Draft.

An item from this morning’s Austin American-Statesman suggested that Young’s endorsement opportunities might be enhanced in the long-term were he to stay in school. Steve Laulette of the Radiate Sports Group is quoted as saying “If he’s drafted high in the first round, he’ll most likely end up on a team that doesn’t win. To suddenly go from being a superstar to being on a team that doesn’t win can present a challenge.”

Indeed, Michael Jordan and LeBron James have never quite recovered from being drafted by shitty teams.

Maybe Laulette is a Longhorns fan, but surely he recognizes there’s also a challenge in going from being a superstar to being crippled with no guaranteed salary.

CBS’s Shannon Sharp hailed Young’s decision, explaining “The University Of Texas doesn’t have ballroom dancing.” On the contrary, Mr. Sharpe, the University does have a ballroom dancing club where aspiring Kenny Maynes can hone their craft in a supportive, stimulating environment.