Big Phil To England : Fuck Off

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No sooner did a portion of the UK’s talking skulls in the broadcast trade weigh in with the opinion that hiring Luiz Felipe Scolari was a blow to British managers, the current Portugal boss has decided to remove himself from consideration.

As the head hunt resumes, perhaps Middlesbrough’s Steve McLaren will again find himself amongst the favorites.   ‘Boro erased a 3 goal aggregate deficit in yesterday’s 4-2 victory over Steaua Bucharest, punching a ticket to the UEFA Cup Final in Eindhoven on May 10. Despite a recent return from a thigh injury, Mark Viduka’s scored in this ridiculous come-from-behind win.

Middlesbrough, described as “kinda sucks” by international football expert the Mighty MJD back on March 18, have now made it to the UEFA Cup Final and the FA Cup Semi-Final in the same season.

7 responses to “Big Phil To England : Fuck Off”

  1. tbl says:

    ‘Boro beat Steau Bucharest 4-2 yesterday (4-3 on aggregate), and Viduka only scored once.

  2. GC says:

    I stand fully corrected, thanks. Though it was Steaua Bucharest that blew the 3 goal lead. But you were closer to being right than I was !

  3. tbl says:

    Apologies for the incorrect correction. My grasp of Romanian certainly trails my ability to keep track of the goals scored by a once-maddening, still well-fed center forward.

  4. GC says:

    he’s looking smaller than he did during his final days with Leeds. THen again, I was watching with picture in picture

  5. dat dude says:

    the england nt manager has to be the worst job in all of football

  6. GC says:

    the money’s pretty good and if you win and keep your nose clean you can pretty much write your own ticket, forever. Sven hasn’t done either and he’ll have no shortage of offers once the world cup is over.

    I would think being the manager of the Libyan national team is a much worse job. Not to mention any number of club management jobs that must suck.

  7. PS says:

    Once again the comeback kings come from behind to pull off yet another “Great Escape”.Massimo Maccarone must surely be the hero that Boro’ fans have been searching for, with his 110% commitment and absolute clinical finishing. Steve McClaren should now tell the F.A. to stick the England job up their hypocritical backsides and concentrate on his future at the Riverside with probably some of the best up and coming players in the premiership.
    Oh yeah………… who cares how you spell their name, on the night they were 2nd class………………..SUPER BORO !!!!!!!
    See you in Eindhoven.

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