There’s an old saying in the streaming radio business ; you have forever to organize your first show, but you only have 1330 days to prepare for your 190th.

I’m not making excuses, far from it. I’ve always been the type to embrace a challenge, even with the clock ticking, so to speak. And I’m pretty sure I’d not be able to successfully complete such monumental tasks were it not for the example and inspiration provided by Dave Draiman’s PR team, whom never, ever, take a week off. Kind of like me.

Dale Cornish & Phil Julian – Laughing Out
Loincloth – Angel Bait
Godflesh – Land Lord
Burst Synapse – Breathing Neon
Klein – Brand New Day
JiYoung Wi – Packing Up In The Penthouse
The Dead C – Speed Kills
Scotch Rolex, Shackleton & Omutaba – Insect Vibration
Black Button – Correction
Prison Religion – Roanoke Death Star
Sadistic Exploits – Freedom
Elkhorn & Mike Ganglof – East Dauphin Suite
C Russell Lewis – So Kept Were The Rottens
Bong Wish – Shapes
S.O.S. (Skidmore/Osbourne/Shurman) – Country Dance
The Accidental – Jaw Of A Whale
Jenn Kirby – Time Being
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma – Paradise Road
Ordeal –  Falks Grav